Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Looks like 2011 may be a big year for me, personally, career wise, politically, everything! I think that I could be a busy man...

I haven't been updating this much lately, I have taken the Twitter route really, short 140 character bursts whenever I can.

I have also put that domain I bought to some use, www.glenarthur.ca. At least now it redirects to my about.me page... which also could use a quick sprucing up. I'll do up my resume at somepoint in Q1, just to have that. I'm not looking! I swear! (For the sake of the corporate bots that I'm sure are spying...)

Minor targets for 2011: (Because the bigger ones have yet to be set)
-Write either the LSAT or the GMAT/GRE
-Join a board or advisory panel
-Continue with my personal health plan
-Continue to define my personal presence

Anyway, all the best at the start in 2011...

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