Friday, August 13, 2010

Got interviewed last month for a piece by Public Affairs BC, for the Jobs, the Economy and You website. It's a nice and short piece, although it has the corniest title around:

One man and the Port Mann (full piece)

How do you get a recent graduate from Queen’s University to move to British Columbia? Just ask Glen Arthur.

“At the time I was evaluating my options, two things drew me to British Columbia—its beauty and its economy. There’s a lot of building and growth in B.C., which equates to a lot of opportunities.”

Arthur moved to B.C. in September 2008 to work on the $2.46-billion Port Mann/Highway 1 Improvement Project. He puts his skills to use as a contract administrator and estimator for the various elements of the province’s largest infrastructure investment ever. The project is also creating over 8,000 jobs!

Like many others, Arthur sees the B.C. economy moving and offering a lot of long-term career benefits.

“By hosting the 2010 Olympics and continued investment in infrastructure, B.C. has positioned itself well in terms of attracting young professionals.”

Thanks to Georgia for getting me the interview. I posted the article on my LinkedIn page, and subsequently got three emails from recruiting/head hunting firms. Who would have thought?