Monday, March 24, 2008

The First Post

March 24, 11:13pm.
11 days until my final University class.
22 days until my final University exam.
66 days until I get a piece of paper telling me that 5 years of University (and 5 years of high school and 10 years of elementary school) was worth something.

The name of my blog has to do with this new realization of mine. It really started to hit me at the beginning of this past summer when I was starting work again. Once most students leave school, they usually say that their jobs has little to nothing to do with what they actually studied in school. Even if a Civil Engineering student (like moi) went off to work for a Structural engineering firm, they would still only know 5-10% of the knowledge required to do their job.

What I have come to realize (I am finally getting to my point...) is that education is not necessarily about the actual knowledge gained. The knowledge isn't the end to itself, as it were. Learning is a means to an end, the end being the development of capabilities. The development of new skills. And it's those skills that I will be using. Not the knowledge, but the experience.

Took me 4 years of University to finally figure that out, but hey, better late than never.